Friday, May 8, 2015


I've found that the best motivators are friends. Especially 4 guys and you're the only girl at the gym and they pick on you for not having that much weight on. -_- yeah that was my day. Haha so I ran 67 minutes mostly uphill, then we went to the gym and I did a full body work out. When I was done and the guys were still working I joined them. We were doing ball push-ups and when it was my turn I got down and remembered wanting to give up but thinking, "ugh I don't want the guys to make fun of me". So I did about 15 on my own and then all of them joined in yelling "dude she's killing it!!! Come on lexii, one more! One more!" And every time I did my "one more" they yelled it again. I did somewhere around 25-30 push ups. I've never been so proud of the noodles poking out of my shoulders in my life. So in essence:
Good motivators

Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm back!

It is just a bit sad that it's been so long after ONE POST. Buuuuuuut in my defense I had some weird sickness and then 2 days later caught the stomach flu. Moving on, I learned something the other day. Non-healthy teeth makes a person more prone to sickness!! Who woulda thought!? So, brush 2 times a day and give 20 seconds of attention to each section. So basically left bottom, left top, front bottom, front top, right bottom, and right top. Then another 10-20 seconds for your tongue. After that, floss, wrapping the floss around your MIDDLE fingers to give you more control, and then use mouthwash for 1 minute. Doing this 2 times every day will help fight off the grossness that I have had for the past couple weeks. :) good luck to you all :)